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10 things your employees might be getting away with (Infographic)

A run-down of the top ‘misdemeanours’ that companies who use vehicles in their day-to-day business report, and the costs related to them. Source: Remote Asset Management


Detailing your car insurance premiums (Infographic)

This Infographic from Cheaper Car Insurance details how violations, theft, accidents, cell phones and your family affect the premium and what you can do to bring it down. I was shocked to read…


The Facebook wall of shame (Infographic)

Following up on the release of the recent Facebook’s iPad app (which most people have been less than impressed with), the team at Wordstream have created a new infographic walking through some of…


Meet the Tweeters (Infographic)

This is a gorgeous infographic from design firm Column Five, which looks at the latest demographics and statistics of the average Twitter user. Great use of the graphical icons make this simple and…


How are people really using LinkedIn? (Infographic)

This infographic explores how users of LinkedIn are using their profiles and comes courtesy of Lab42. The organisation surveyed 500 American LinkedIn users to discover how they utilized their profile and to see…


100 million professionals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has achieved rapid growth over the last few years and has become the preferred social network for business professionals. This infographic charts the rise of LinkedIn, which now boasts over 100 million…


The state of big pharmaceuticals

A nice use of graphics, colour and fonts make this an appealing infographic from the Medical Billing and Coding Organisation. The infographic makes us aware of what big pharmaceutical organisations are doing to…


Why would someone buy your business?

Anyone selling a business could do worse than taking a look at this infographic from ContactMe. Although the design is basic and quite text heavy the content is great at pointing out what…


How popular are mobile phones today?

Ever wondered how many mobile phones there are in the world? Well this infographic might just hold the answer. Through the simple use of different graphical formats and visualizations this infographic does a…


Statistics about mobile phone usage

A great use of colour, icons and visualization techniques make this infographic from mobicity one of the best for statistics about mobile phone usage in Australia. Infographic source: http://www.mobicity.com.au


UK iPad usage survey

An infographic here from imano gives us the true picture of iPad usage in the UK. It’s no surprise that 98% of iPad users are using the device for internet browsing followed by…

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