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Tallest Buildings In The World (Infographic)

These buildings are an amazing accomplishment and are the tallest in the world. The top 5 tallest buildings in the world are locates in the Unites Arab Emirates, Tokyo Japan, Mecca Saudi Arabia,…


Ever Lose Your Cool in a Queue? (Infographic)

We all hate queues. Australians are fed up with wasting time waiting in checkout, airport, ATM, coffee shop and petrol station queues, with one in four people losing it! Check out our infographic…


Meet the Tweeters (Infographic)

This is a gorgeous infographic from design firm Column Five, which looks at the latest demographics and statistics of the average Twitter user. Great use of the graphical icons make this simple and…


The rise of the young rich (Infographic)

This infographic explores the rise of the young CEO within the technology landscape, looking at who are the richest chief executives. What’s amazing is that 5 0f the Forbes 500 tech billionaires still…


The art of naming a business (Infographic)

Picking a name for your business is probably one of the most important elements of developing your brand. This infographic from Webs.com explores common approaches that are used to name a business while…


Social memories uses infographics within book pages

Social Memories is a new service from Deutsche Post and COSALUX that turns your Facebook profile into a printed book. The clever bit is that it drops your highlights and trends into a…


Infographics used as wine labels and packaging

Celler el Masroig has embraced the infographic as a creative style applied to all marketing collateral produced by this wine producer including posters, packaging, wine labels, adverts and brochures. The execution shows the…

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