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Worldwide Webinars (Infographic)

This infographic shows the findings of research into webinars organized by companies all over the world via an online meeting platform – how often and why they are organized, what are the most…


Biofuel usage in the UK (Infographic)

Last year, 1,440 million litres of biofuel were supplied to the UK. This and other fascinating statistics have been compiled into a bright and fun infographic which aims to educate about the current…


10 things your employees might be getting away with (Infographic)

A run-down of the top ‘misdemeanours’ that companies who use vehicles in their day-to-day business report, and the costs related to them. Source: Remote Asset Management


Everything You Need to Know About Mother’s Day (Infographic)

We live in a cynical age where kids know more than adults, there’s nasty stuff on the news and England never win at football; but Mums are still the most important person in…


The History of the FDIC (Infographic)

Find out more about the pre-FDIC era, how the FDIC came to be and what it can do for you today with this insightful graphic about the FDIC’s history from Nationwide Bank. Source:…


What type of site do you want to host? (Infographic)

Thanks to Rackspace for this Infographic designed to help customers select the perfect hosting solution by taking customers through a simple decision making process. The use of a chalkboard design makes the Infographic…


The changing way we’re watching the box (Infographic)

TV Licensing has put together an interesting Infographic which covers how the British public’s tv viewing habits have changed over time, and what impact BBC Iplayer and other on demand services have had….

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