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Organ Donation Facts & Figures (infographic)

This infographic focuses on issues such as consent rates, waiting times for organ transplants, annual mortality rates due to lack of available organs, and the gap between people who believe that organ donation…


Biofuel usage in the UK (Infographic)

Last year, 1,440 million litres of biofuel were supplied to the UK. This and other fascinating statistics have been compiled into a bright and fun infographic which aims to educate about the current…


Top 10 Scams of the Year 2011 (Infographic)

You have probably noticed many scams over the last year, and so has everyone else. This new infographic rates the top ten of 2011, including the famous BBB scam that falsely informed small…


Biggest Losers in Gambling (Infographic)

Thanks to Casino Top 10 for this Infographic, which highlights the biggest losers in gambling. When you put down a wager on the blackjack table or insert a coin in a slot machine…


Celebrities and their donations to education (Infographic)

CertificationMap.com created this infographic to highlight celebrities and their donations to education. I love how all Madonna has to do is auction off a pair of boots. Infographic source: http://www.certificationmap.com


How mobile phones are becoming the new credit card (Infographic)

Goodbye wallets and hello mobile payments! This infographic looks at who’s emerging in the space of mobile payments and the growth of mobile payment technology. With mobile payment transactions already $240 billion annually…


A History of British Holidaymaking (Infographic)

This is a novel infographic from Thomas Cook, which shows the history of British holidaymaking and charts the 170 years since Thomas Cook conducted its very first escorted tour. The infographic includes some…


Focused content marketing strategies a requirement

With the emergence of social media and a shift in buy power and behaviour Content Marketing has become one of the most important components or an organisations marketing strategy. This infographic provides a…

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