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Submit infographic

Submit infographics to Infographicas using one of the options below…

Premium infographic submissions

Guaranteed to be published

Due to the volume of infographic submissions we receive we can’t guarantee that all requests will be published on Infographicas. If you would like to request a premium submission costing £100, please use our premium submission request form.

Standard infographic submissions

(This could take up to a month for a review to be published)

If you would like to have your infographic featured within the Infographicas Web site then please use the form below. Please ensure that you provide a link to the space where your infographic can be downloaded. Feel free to also include any additional editorial that you wish to have featured within your article.

If your infographic is featured within our Web site and its source is not referenced or is incorrect please notify us using this form and we’ll update the page to include the new details and Web links.

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