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About Infographicas

Welcome to infographicas and thanks for stopping by.

At infographicas we love infographics and what can be achieved when you combine data and design to create visual beauty. Infographicas is designed to showcase the latest info graphics and related news from a range of genres, but in particular those created to help explain the complexity of the social media and technology landscape.

Beyond showcasing the latest infographics we aim to educate you on the marketing benefits of info graphics, with advice, tips and techniques to help you connect your info graphics with the widest audience possible, through social media and search optimization. For marketers starting to use info graphics for the first time we’ll provide a framework to help you understand how to plan, design and implement your info graphics solution.

If you are an infographics designer, data visualizer, marketer, organisation or agency looking to share your infographic creation with the world you can submit your infographic for review and inclusion within our blog. You can also use the same form to submit news and event information that you think would be of interest to our readers

If you would like to advertise on Infographicas or explore sponsorship opportunities please use our contact us form.


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