Completely remove plagiarism from your content. Create unique, plagiarism-free content by using a plagiarism checker tool, and online free rewriter tools.

As many writers will agree that plagiarism is truly a challenge and should be handled carefully.

So, how do you make sure that your content is 100% plagiarism-free?
Let’s follow these instructions and make your content unique –

Write by yourself
Want to make your content plagiarism-free? Don’t copy. It’s simple as that.
Use your own words instead of copying lines from other sources. Not surprisingly, writing by using your own words can eliminate the rate of plagiarism to a large degree.
So, do your research, restate the information in your style, and then put them in your own words.

Use a good plagiarism checker tool
While free tools will give you a basic result, if you want 100% plagiarism detection, you should use one of the paid tools such as
• Grammarly
• QueText
• CopyLeaks

In that way, if one tool fails to detect some of the plagiarism, there is a good chance that some other tool will be able to detect it.
Here are some of the best free online plagiarism detectors –
• Paraphrase App
• SmallSEOTools
• SEOWagon
• Dupli Checker

Use article rewriter tools
An article rewriter tool works by scanning the given text and generating new content based on the context of the original text.
So, if you are looking for a quick way to remove duplicate content from your text, use a decent online rewriter tool such as –
• Quillbot
• ParaphraseApp
• RewritingTools
• RewriterTools

Cite the sources
While the concept of plagiarism sounds scary, you can easily defeat it by following the above guidelines.

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