The latest Flights infographic, from Expedia is designed to give you the information you’ve always wanted to know about airports & flying, laid out in a beautifully designed format. From WIFI, Parking & Shopping prices, to airport distance from city and even 5 tips on how to make your in-flight experience as enjoyable as possible, this infographic is a must-see for anyone who is intending on booking a flight soon.

It begins with a section which displays average traffic density: use it to see which of Europe’s airports are the busiest; figures shown here are to the nearest million. Next is a handy chart comparing the price of parking against the cost of WIFI usage in airports across Europe – handy when looking to save on your trip! Compare how far airports lie from their respective cities in the following section, as well as the cost of perfumes in those airports. Lastly is a neat set of tips to remember when boarding for you flight – including noise-cancelling earphones.

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