Would you believe if we say that a kitty cat game can be interesting and will be loved the most by your kids? Yes, there is a new kitty game which has all the desired features that one looks like a kid’s game. Not only does the game entertains the kids but also provide them with the best of challenges to keep their brains working and busy. Thus, if you want your kid to play and learn, then this can be the best Tap Tap kitty game for Android that you can give them.
The game is designed with an idea to provide the kids with some challenges and obstacles which they have to overcome for protecting the kitty from falling into the pits. The kids can apply their brains and intelligence in this cat falling game for preventing the cat from falling down.
Why is this game called the best game for the kids?
If you are wondering why amongst the so many cat games, this particular cat jumping game is known to be the best, then here are some of the features that can be the right answer:
1.Unlimited gameplay: This game offers the kids an unlimited time for playing. You can enjoy the various levels of the game for as long as the kitty falls into the pit. Thus, if you are good at protecting the kitten from falling into the pits then you have got a game that you can play for a very long time.
2.Graphics treat: Another attraction of the game is its beautiful graphical treat which is due to the beautiful design of the game. The game has been designed in such a manner that the design and graphics of the game appear as realistic and thus hooks up the kids in the best possible manner.
3.Compatible: With this cat jumping game you can be absolutely sure of not facing any compatibility issues. The game is so made that it holds a strong compatibility with Android devices having android version 4.1 or more. Thus, no matter which Android device you have, you still can play the game and experience its fun in the best of manner.
4.Small size: The game is designed with less storage space. This means that your phone’s memory is absolutely safe and secured even after downloading this cute kitty game. This game will not contradict with the other functionalities of the phone and thus saves the phone from hanging out. Thus, it comes as a double treat for the players.
5.Easy to play: No matter if this kitten game has many distinguished challenges at different levels, but the actual playing of this kitty game is pretty simple. There are no complicated rules and regulations in this game and thus, it can be enjoyed with very minimal efforts.
These are some of the features that make this game stand apart from all the other cat games available in the market.

Tap Tap Kitty Cat: Cube Jumping Kitten Game

Cute Kitty Cat has to get down from mountain. Help her in this Tap Tap Cube Jumping game.Unlock Cute Kittens of different countries by collecting coins and flags. Tap the screen to change the direction of the kitten. Save the cat from obstacles or falling into the pits.

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chachakigsmes.Fallthecat&hl=en

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