What if we say that there is a kitty cat game that is extremely easy and addictive to play, would you believe it? Well, if you are having any second thoughts on the availability of such game then let us introduce such a game to you. The game called, Falling the cat, is one of the best cat games available for kids. The game has received great positive response all around the world and is, therefore, has become the most popular kitty cat game for the kids.
It is a free Android game developed for the kids keeping in mind all the necessary requirements for the kids. Other than anything else, the storyline of the game is made extremely innovative and interesting and this indeed has captivated the attention of many kid players. The idea revolves around the kids saving the kitten or the cat from falling into the pit. In the journey of this kitten cat game, the kids also work on adding the coins and special power-ups for encouraging their players.
What makes the game an easy pick?
When we say that the cute cat game is easy to play, we are highlighting the fact that it has been designed according to the convenience of the kids. The kids don’t need the support of an adult while playing the game as all the designed rules and regulations of the game is pretty simple.

The kids just have to change the direction of the cat while it is moving to collect coins and power-add on in the journey. As the kids balance their game to protect the cat along with grabbing the various coins and special powers that come along the way, the game becomes really interesting for them.
Factors contributing to the addictive nature:
There are many factors of the kitten game that makes the game an attraction to the kids. Let us have a look at the following factors:

1.Variations in speed: The game offers variations in the speed of the kittens to ensure that the players are never bored of the monotonous same speed of the kittens. They are given high speed and low speed to keep and hold the interest of the kids as they play the game. The variations in the speed are something that is also loved by the kids.
2.Unlimited time: The game is so developed that it allows the kids to play the game for as long as they fail to prevent the cat from falling into the pit. This means that the players have a wide option and time to play the game and thus to enjoy in their free time.

3.No internet needed: You don’t even need the Internet to play the game. All the features of the game are available in the same manner even without the availability of the Internet. Thus, this cat game is nothing less than an addiction to the players.


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