Since last 3 months, our startup is getting 50% leads and paying customer from the Live chat alone.

In fact, now chat has become an All in one, Feedback + HelpDesk + Analytics software for us and has replaced phone support and even email support to an extent. Our whole sales team is part of chat now and they all take the inquiries one by one.

In our case, from chat, we have got valuable feedback on —

About our pricing
What current tools users are using (our competitors, good things, bad things).
What features users are looking for.

For us, Chat has replaced

Feedback and Popup forms — users fill their email and phone numbers and if we can’t help instantly, we can get back to them later.
Helpdesk — no need for logging into other sites, filling and marking tickets etc.
Basic analytics — we can users in real time along with country, IP

Why chat is crucial for your startup?

Assuming your current size is < 10 (it actually doesn’t matter if it is 50 or 500 too), chat provides immediate touch point and feedback. Users don’t want to wait for hours to get a reply to emails or take their phone and dial your number. Chat is an extremely unobtrusive process which can be done in a matter of seconds.
You can do chat from anywhere — I use a mobile app to reply to most of the chats as it is extremely convenient for me. I can immediately schedule a demo, send calendar invites and even make calls with it which is not possible if you are using multiple software.
Each user landing on your site is a potential customer. Now there are plenty of tools which allows you to track them and their intent but nothing can be better than a simple chat popup asking how may I help you? It is perfectly fine if the user is just casually browsing it, it can still give you valuable feedback.

Where chat may not work

I don’t think chat will work on B2C models due to excessive “noise” and number of inquiries. But for b2b, it is a must.

Why your Startup Needs a Chat Option?


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