When one individual imparts knowledge from another individual then the person is educated. When person gets the ability to differentiate with facts then he/she considered to be educated. It brings out person’s true potential. People often confused education with being literate. Literacy is the ability to read and write and educated means being knowledgeable about surroundings. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we need to educate ourselves:

Gain Knowledge: To get familiar with the things around us education plays an important role. It is the knowledge that we get through education that we are able to differentiate what is good and bad. We become familiar with the biology which brings us knowledge of life with natural history, where we stand in the universe, moments in the history and other aspects of life and our world. It helps us to understand what our rights are and what action needs to be taken when they are broken.

Earn Livelihood: It is through education that we get the skills which helps us to get employment in various fields according to the kind of education person gets. We can make livelihood through the knowledge gain from education courses. The more you study better pay you will get. The post graduation degree holders are earning more than the bachelor degree holders. So keep educating yourself.

Community Appreciation: It opens our mind to different culture and societies living in the world. We get to know the way of life of other communities and show appreciation. We can see the world through other communities culture, their religions and get useful perspective on the world.

Growth of the Country: Education brings income to the citizens of the country when they get employed which helps to build country’s economy. With good GDP of any nation, the citizens of the nation are considered to be developed.

Learn from our Mistakes: It also gives us the prospective about life of our former generations and learn what kind of mistakes they have made in the past so we can avoid committing those mistakes which will make the world a better place to live in.


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