Cozie Pets all started years ago when we first became obsessed with our Sphynx. They came with so many new challenges and we were out to solve them! That’s when the Cozie was born! Made of our own design and amazing crafting skills we got to work. We made a TON of cozies for our own pets. They LOVE them! Then people started to notice. “How could they get a cozie of their own?!” So we made some for friends. Then their friends wanted some! “WOW! We really have something here!” we thought. So we made Cozies for them too. Now we get asked all of the time how people can get their hands on a Cozie of their own. So now, YEARS later, we’re finaly creating a place where everyone can choose one for themselves.We pride ourselves on selling an honest, hand made product. We make everything in our homes with love and care and do our best to make sure our products reflect that!

Cozie Pets


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