Myths vs. Facts: Cloud Security


Many cloud opponents claim servers located off-premise are naturally insecure because local IT can’t access them directly. The rise of multiple-tenant public cloud services, combined with recent high-profile cases of law enforcement agencies seizing data on these clouds help shore up this myth, and convince some companies to spend more on securing local IT while avoiding the cloud in any form. Others have a more practical reason: without access to a physical server, they feel a data disconnect, and worry they may be easy targets for hackers.

Of all the cloud myths, this is perhaps the most pervasive, and often cited by naysayers as the underlying cause of any cloud failure. It offers an easy way for companies to sidestep the cloud temporarily and put off any data relocation until the security market “improves.” In fact, the market is already quite robust, with both established technology giants and startup providers offering end-to-end security coverage.


Fifty-seven percent of companies surveyed said they felt more secure in a cloud backup environment than when using traditional backup methods. Why? In part, this is because running updates, setting automatic housekeeping tasks and defining access permissions are all done more easily in a cloud environment, and any changes made apply to all servers, all desktops, and all mobile devices which access the cloud; in addition, the rise of government “G-clouds,” which hold providers to strict standards of conduct and access, are helping to close any perceived security gaps. Always-on access to public cloud services or private cloud options also gives IT admins oversight they need, despite physical distance. Local servers, meanwhile, often act as information sieves owing to broad access permissions and poor password controls.

Savvy IT pros, along with application-level security measures deployed by providers are helping to both fuel cloud adoption and establish an environment of IT trust. Although no universal solution to cloud security exists, it is no longer any less secure than a local server – and in many cases, is more so.

Myths Behind Cloud Computing Services

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