We were shocked to discover that men are a lot more romantic and generous than we give them credit for. Those charmers spend almost double on Valentine’s gifts than the ladies spend on them! Chocolates are the most popular Valentine’s Day gift (and with good reason too!) followed by lingerie and then flowers. A warning for all the lingerie loving men out there: if you want to buy sexy underwear for your lady this Valentine’s Day, make sure you buy the correct size! We discovered over half of men who choose lingerie as their Valentine’s gift of choice buy the wrong size- what a passion killer!

Almost a quarter of you lovebirds will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a cozy night in. How sweet! If you’re all alone this Valentine’s Day, why not make like other singletons and celebrate with a friend over a few drinks? It beats going to bed early! If you have no one to buy for, what better excuse to treat yourself to some yummy chocolates, beautiful flowers or dazzling jewelry?
Valentine's Day 2013 Infographic
Courtesy of: CouponCodes4u


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