A key difference in mobile advertising is that users almost always have their smartphones with them. This allows advertisers to use different data points including location and device information to target relevant consumers at the right time and in the right place.

New data released by Millennial Media shows that across the top verticals of Retail & Restaurants, CPG and Technology, business and finance enthusiasts frequently resonate with advertising that utilizes all the relevant data points. In the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)/CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) vertical business and finance enthusiasts are the top audience, while in the Retail & Restaurants and Technology verticals this audience hold second place.

The top audience for Retail & Restaurants is bargain hunters, and the top audience for the Technology vertical is avid shoppers. Both of these verticals and their corresponding top audience demonstrate the power of location aware advertising to target the best audience at the best time. Such finely tuned targeting saves on advertising dollars and is likely to produce a better response. Other key audiences in the Retail & Restaurants vertical are business travelers and vacationers, both of which benefit from targeted advertising while away from home and looking for shops or places to eat.

In the Technology vertical, the other top audiences are foodies and fashionistas. Foodies also feature as a top audience in the CPG, vertical as do students and tradesmen. This data shows how well the top verticals are able to leverage the data points provided by smartphones, including location, to target the most relevant customers.

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source: Mobile Marketing Trends from the Millennial Media 2012 Mobile Highlights Report

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