For women, there’s no such thing as having too many shoes. However, as much as you want to shop for a new pair every waking time, you are sometimes limited by your priorities and jumping on the trend seems to be a challenging choice between your wants and needs.
We at Janylin Shoes know too well how it feels like being trapped in this dilemma — and to help keep you from splurging on the shoes that you’ll not necessarily need, we’ve zeroed in on the 24 most popular types of shoes women usually have in their closets.
From sophisticated stilettos, stylish platforms, chic penny loafers to the go-to ballet flats, this infographic will guide you to a few outfit styles and which pair goes perfectly with them. After reading this post, you’re sure to have the right set of shoes to equip you for whatever you’ll face in the day!

Your Ultimate Shoe Guide: 24 Types of Shoes

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