MetaOneVerse is now available on many exchanges for trading. Users can enjoy trading and make profits in cryptocurrency.
What is MetaOneVerse?:
MetaOneverse is a hyper deflationary token which is developing its own NFT marketplace, blockchain, Metaverse & Web3 products.
Each product will help user to earn passive income while enjoying a growth in tocken value due to its utilities.

How does it work? Right now all you have to do is to buy & hold Metaoneverse in your soft wallet. Currently there is a 6% BUSD reward distribution for all holders on every buy & sell.
Its Benefits : Holders have a series of benefit along with 6% rewards, they will be able to purchase NFT and stake them. Holders can become validators on Meta1Verse blockchain, they will be first to use Metaverse of MetaOneVerse & they will have exclusivity in web3 products, referral codes which will get them better income then a non-holder

Metaoneverse is listed

Token details- tokenomics : 12% tax on every buy & sell, out of this 6% goes to holder in BUSD, 4 % goes to marketing & development, 1% goes to auto buyback & burn and remaining 1% goes back to liquidity pool Wallet Details : MetaOneVerse, the hyper-deflationary token is growing at an unprecedent speed, has launched its first Dapp wallet. Able to support a wide array of blockchain networks including Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and others, MetaOneVerse’s new Dapp wallet has been launched in three stages that the company says will create and scale multiple wallet integrations. Dapps, also stylised as DApps, refer to decentralised applications. Just like any other app, Dapps also offer various services and functionalities to users. Dapps are divided into a wide array of categories, from finance to gaming, can be used for staking or securely hold NFT’s How to buy M1verse token : Right now MetaOneVerse is available on pancake swap and soon will be listing on major exchange. User can swap their BNB to M1verse token by simply adding MetaOneVerse contract at pancake and swap BNB to M1verse tokens.

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