A six yard canvas of legendary art, Madhubani sarees are the cultural identity of Bihar. An art form practiced in Madhubani district of Bihar, the uniqueness of madhubani art sarees is that the painting on them is done by hand with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks using natural dyes and pigments. madhubani hand painted sarees are admired for their intricate detailing and fine use of colors. Madhubani art that comes in five distinctive styles, namely, Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, godna and kohbar with each style having something unique to offer, buy madhubani sarees online at Shatika to experience the joy of owning a piece of ancient legacy. At Shatika, Madhubani sarees price ranges from… https://www.shatika.co.in/east-indian-handloom-sarees/madhubani-sarees.html


Madhubani Silk sarees from Shatika Online

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