We may feel vulnerable when we leave the house because we don’t know what dangers lie ahead. But, as the infographic states, security guards play an important role in protecting us from everything — from terrorist attacks to assault. Many of us aren’t even aware if a security guard(s) is present because they are able to do their jobs without bringing attention to themselves.

Besides protecting the public from harm, security guards maintain law and order, as well as protect businesses from crime. Security personnel also provide crowd control for public events and as the infographic states, 98.2% of people feel better knowing they are on duty at concerts, ready at a moment’s notice to take control of any situation.

Safety in numbers is a hypothesis which states that moving with a bunch of people can increase the chances of survival. Let’s see if it holds true.


Source: http://www.optimumsecurity.ca/safety-in-numbers-infographic/

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