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Now, often the eyes of the eyes were moving between Osman brother and me, even the gesture had started. He often shook his cock in his lunge and showed me what he was saying, and I also understood what he was saying. And when Diwali was about to come, I thought that cleaning the house a little clean. One day when the children had gone to their school, I washed the house with water, which was in the front room; we kept something very high in it. Now it was a similar thing that was not shaking me. I was cleaning my house wearing a bright red shirt and a dark blue stalwart. I did not take the scarf and lifted the salwar up and put it in my nose, which looked like a white blonde under my knee. At first I thought that this room is allowed to stay, there are more luggage, there is also a double bed, a dressing table, a big table too, and how will I remove all this? Right now I was thinking that when I saw Osman Brother standing in front of me in front of me. On seeing my friend, I got upset in my body; I thought and then summoned Osman Bro. He just wanted to gesture as my gesture, by opening the gate of our house quickly, came in – tell me sister-in-law, what should I do? I said – sorry sorry to you, in fact I wanted to shake a little bit like this so that a little cleansing could happen to the house! They say – tell me what to do? I asked him to pick up a lot of things which was light and said, I myself was helping him, but I saw that Osman brother’s attention was only on my white mummy from the shirt of my shirt. Every time I bowed, I could see their eyes slipping on my body, but I did not feel bad about them being stared in my body like this.

But he is a Pa than, a man, how long can you control himself by looking at the beauty of a woman? When I was pushing the dressing table with them to the other place, due to my tilt, my mummy breezed with my shirt, coming out like I was coming out, and Osman Bro was just going to visit my mammals. But then suddenly I suddenly looked at their lungs. In his lunge, I got a little bit bent about now I am a married woman, I did not take any time to understand that Osman Bro’s tool is catching up with intelligence and now he is heading out of his bus and raising his head like a snake. Now I have seen cocks so far, but far away! But today he was in my heart, he could touch me. All I had to think was that I could touch their dicks, like I felt again, my pussy became completely wet. I wanted to take care of myself, wanted to control my mind and thinking, but I used to see Osman Bro’s black long cocks. All my attention to Osman Brother’s Lungi and Osman Bro’s whole attention to my Mamma! I was losing control over myself for a second. When the dressing table was made side by side and Osman brother stood up straight, his stitched cocks made his lunge a tent. This view left me uncontrollable.

I realized that my pussy is now completely wet, and now either Osman Brother, come catch me, or else I will go ahead and catch his cock in his lunge. I was restless, I was feeling like today if I did not beat Osman, I would probably die. In this problem, I left my work in the middle and got up in a corner of the room. Was my back on Osman’s brother I started standing there waiting for Osman brothers to come and take me back. Nothing happened for 1-2 minutes. I was standing quietly, then I thought someone stood behind me, I closed my eyes with loudness, and tried to stop my breathing fast, because my heart was very fast and that’s why my breath It was too fast. Then I realized, Osman brother put both of his hands on my shoulders, I did not say anything. Osman brother said softly – Sister-in-law! I was still silent, so he took me in the arms of his arms with a big light. “Ah …” how relaxed it was when their whole stuck cock hit my back that was what I wanted! Before a little bit lightly but again, with great speed Osman Bro took me in my arms. Strong masculine muscular and rugged cocks like their bone attached to my back from behind. From the back, I understood that I needed a strong man like this. My silent actress gave more courage to Osman Bro, now when a woman is in your arms and she is not speaking anything, then it is clear that she does not deny any of your talk. Usman turned me on my side and put me on my throat.

I also opened my arms and stuck with Osman in his lap, along with him. Now his sturdy cock seemed straightforward to my stomach. Osman lifted my face up, my eyes were closed, he said – open eyes! I sank in no. He said – Open your eyes, otherwise I will kiss your lips. I still did not open my eyes, the next moment Osman grabbed my hips in my lips. Perhaps Zululand came eating, even in my mouth there was a taste of rose, but I came to taste more than sucking on her lips. Both of my lips he had kept in my lips and licking my lips with my tongue. Licking my lips, he twisted his tongue in my mouth too. I had quietly surrendered everything to him. Licking the lips, he pressed hold of both his mommy with his hands Press such as lemon juice to squeeze.

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