For all fresh air or partial air recirculation treatment. Air Return section from the environment and exhaust. Dynamic management of both over pressure and depression in the controlled room with regard to the reference to the reference environment. BSL4.
• With Direct Expansion coil: OHA series
• With chilled water coil: OHU series


The Units are equipped with controls, electric board, micro-processor, and dedicated software, and expressly designed for: BSL4.

• General surgery rooms
• Special orthopedics surgery rooms
• Low-low temperature heart surgery rooms
• Intensive care units
• Sterilization rooms
• Rooms for diagnostic by images
• BSLs for the treatment of viruses, Flammable, nuclear, toxic, radioactive, or contaminated substances, in general
• Biotechnology and pathologic anatomy laboratories
• Mortuaries

HVAC Equipment


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