Leaks in the swimming pool can spoil everything around your outdoor living area. If you have noticed that your swimming pool lose more water and don’t know how to identify them, then your pool should require a pool leak detection test. The dye leak detection test is one of the quickest and easiest methods that you can DIY. Swimming pool leak detection dye test can be performed with the use of materials around your house. And also you can purchase special dye test equipments from the swimming pool suppliers near you.

Before performing a dye test, first of all you should manually confirm the suspected leak areas in your swimming pool. The suspected area includes, pool liner, skimmer, pool pumps, light gaskets and also you’ve to check any cracks on the surface. These places give way to the water to escape from your pool; so, here you’re required to perform the swimming pool leak detection dye test first.

How to Conduct a Swimming Pool Leak Detection Dye Test?

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