Building links to your website is absolutely crucial for making it rank. Most people who have tried it will also agree it’s incredibly difficult. No other part of SEO consumes so much effort and time – but there’s no question about its rewards. And thankfully, there’s a lot of room for creativity: the methods of gaining backlinks are many, and you may use any number of them at the same time.

This infographic covers some of the most effective techniques in link building. All of them are tried, tested and proven to work by renowned SEO experts like Backlinko’s Brian Dean and Moz’s Rand Fishkin. They’ve used these techniques to secure high-ranking positions in Google, and you can do the same. Read on to find out how to build high-quality backlinks that will carry your website through 2018 and far into the future – and, as a small bonus, discover your SEO personality!

18 Winning Link Building Techniques in 2018

Link building infographic


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