Blood Clots Caused by Birth Control (Infographic)

Data visualization illustrating the link between blood clots and certain forms of Birth control including Yaz and NuvaRing. The Blood Clot and Birth Control Infographic is brought to you by Birth Control News


How to Choose Running Shoes (Infographic)

The information in our How to Choose Running Shoes infographic can help you make the right decision when choosing running shoes—we’ll lead you through the bigger details to consider when it’s time to…


Anatomy of Health Insurance (Infographic)

For anyone that doesn’t understand their health care plan, this Infographic from MphProgramsList helps to explain how they work. A clean and well structured design makes the content easy to digest and follow….


Alternative Ways to Get Your Beach Body (Infographic)

“The world is a gym if you just know how”…… healthy food retailers Holland & Barrett have produced this comical infographic showing that getting buns of steel in time for your summer holiday…


The Financial Implications of a DUI (Infographic)

This infographic was published by Mother’s Against Drunk Driving and created by It goes over the financial costs of a DUI/DWI in the US. It breaks down the fees and penalties of…


The truth behind common health knowledge (Infographic)

The team at Greatist has created an infographic that debunks myths relating to common health knowledge.  One myth that I can’t believe isn’t true is the common belief that cracking your knuckles and…


Playground dangers (Infographic)

This infographic explores the dangers of playgrounds. According to the CDC, 200,000 children ages 14 years and younger each year are injured at playgrounds. Infographic source:


Bionic eyes and bringing artificial vision into focus (Infographic)

What does the future of eyesight look like? In the infographic below, we delve into the science behind bionic eyes and explain the amazing details various types of implants will capture. Infographic source:…


What does your eye color say about you? (Infographic)

With all of the different eye colors in existence and all the beautiful shades of blue, green, gray and brown, below we examine the reasons why such eye color disparities occur in people. …


The opportunity gap

This infographic, which is a collaboration between Good and Hyperakt, in partnership with the University of Pheonix details how the opportunity gap disproportionately impacts students of color who come from low income backgrounds….


The state of big pharmaceuticals

A nice use of graphics, colour and fonts make this an appealing infographic from the Medical Billing and Coding Organisation. The infographic makes us aware of what big pharmaceutical organisations are doing to…


Stats of the Union

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