Love By Numbers (Infographic)

We were shocked to discover that men are a lot more romantic and generous than we give them credit for. Those charmers spend almost double on Valentine’s gifts than the ladies spend on…


Tenerife- an island to enjoy (Infographic)

The “Island of Eternal Spring, with the best climate in Spain, that’s Tenerife. A place where you can enjoy scuba diving, hiking and lots of other interesting activities, where you can visit a…


US Crime Rates Over The Years (Infographic)

Crime rates in the Unites States have changed a lot over the years. Murder rates peaked in the nineties and has been on the decline in recent years. View the amount of people…


What’s Your Sign? (Infographic)

Discover how astrology and road signs are cosmically intertwined. Find out which road sign best matches your zodiac personality traits. Provided by Nationwide Insurance


Are Canadians in Credit Card Debt Denial? (Infographic)

Which province has the most credit card debt? How much credit card debt do Canadians have compared to what we think? The following Infographic provides the answers. Mortgage Rates | Credit Cards |…


Sex Trophy Survey (Infographic)

Look at some of the strange object people claim as ‘sex trophies’, after breakups or one night stands.


Are internships overrated? (Infographic)

A comparative study of starting salary for recent college graduates without internship experience and those with at least one internship while in college. Infographic source:


Verbs and their prepositions 101 (Infographic)

Sometimes a verb is attached to other words that assist it; word groups consisting of a verb and its helpers are called “verb phrases”. Did you remember that? If not learn more about…


A History of British Holidaymaking (Infographic)

This is a novel infographic from Thomas Cook, which shows the history of British holidaymaking and charts the 170 years since Thomas Cook conducted its very first escorted tour. The infographic includes some…


The opportunity gap

This infographic, which is a collaboration between Good and Hyperakt, in partnership with the University of Pheonix details how the opportunity gap disproportionately impacts students of color who come from low income backgrounds….

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